Advice from Recent Graduates

"Don't be afraid to take classes outside of your major and experiment around because you always seem to need to find fill in classes."

"Keep in close contact with the advisors and double-check everything because even your advisors are human and can gloss over things. Also, maintain close relations with your major advisor so that you do not fall behind. Have fun, be safe. Don’t think that because you have only three years you are missing out on something. Live every day in Ashland to the fullest."

"Keep on top of your scheduling. In more cases than not (three of my good friends are all in different majors in the Acc Bacc program) you will run into problems because your major advisor is only specialized in a four year program, not three. Be prepared to be flexible and take on more, not less."

"Take it one day at a time."

"Take the time to sit down and plan out your three years, it will definitely make things less stressful as you go along. Keep an updated list of required courses you still need, it helps when planning things out."

"Take advantage of your advisors and their knowledge; they know the program better than you. Enjoy your classes... you only have three years!"

"Take the initiative to seek out your place at SOU."

"Know what classes you need right away. Don’t get overwhelmed; the key is to plan well and know what you’re doing."

"Plan ahead and take fewer credits in the last year; plan to go abroad."

"Many advisors don’t know much of anything about the Accelerated Baccalaureate program. If you are really trying to graduate in three years, you have to be organized and figure your schedule out on your own. Advisors are there to look it over, but you need to know what your three-year plan is. The program staff was the only advisor who actually cared that I was in the three-year program and was the only one who helped me make sure I had everything right."