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How can I earn my degree in three years?

You can reduce your time to graduation by up to one full year because of your accomplishments in high school. A faculty committee evaluates your experience and strengths based on your teacher evaluations, essay(s), resume, and work samples. Your total requirements may be reduced by up to 45 credits, or one full year. Only general education credits are reduced. You still take all the classes in your major.

I don't want to take MORE than a full set of classes each term. Is the Acc Bacc program for me?

An Acc Bacc student averages about 16 credits per quarter just like a regular four-year student. Actual credits per quarter depend upon the amount of credit reduction granted on admission to the program. A few Acc Bacc students choose to take summer school courses that will also help reduce the average course load. Students admitted to the program will develop a three-year graduation plan with their academic advisor.

What is the difference between a course reduction program and a course compression program?

A course reduction program like SOU's Accelerated Baccalaureate Program evaluates your application to reduce your required course load. We actually reduce the number of credits you need for graduation by up to one year. A course compression program puts you in more classes every term in an effort to have you graduate in less time.

Do I need to apply to both Southern Oregon University and the Accelerated Baccalaureate Program?

Yes, these are separate applications. The University application goes to the Admissions office while the Acc Bacc application goes directly to the program. Acceptance into the Acc Bacc program is contingent upon acceptance by the University.

Will I have the same educational and extra-curricular opportunities as regular students?

Absolutely! Acc Bacc students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular and academic opportunities available to all SOU students. Current Acc Bacc students participate in student government, student clubs, varsity and club sports, National Student Exchange and study abroad. Advisors work with students participating in exchange programs to ensure the classes they take at other universities or abroad will work with their three-year program.

What happens if I want to take a term off?

Students are encouraged to stay in close contact with their advisor and complete their coursework in three years. If a student must take a term off, every effort will be made to redesign the individual student program to ensure completion in three years. This may mean an increased course load each term and taking classes during the summer terms. Alternatively, if for some reason, such as illness, change of major, or academic problems, students are unable to make normal progress for the three-year degree, then they may be required to complete the regular 180-hour four-year degree program.

I already have some college. Am I still eligible for the program?

Students with more than 18 college credits may not qualify for the Acc Bacc Program. The Acc Bacc is based on a reduction of general education and elective credits. Students with college credit may already be in a position to finish their degree at SOU within three years, following the normal transfer student model. Contact the Admissions Office for assistance in determining the number of transfer credits you have; then contact the Acc Bacc Program to see if we are the right choice for you.

Do you accept WUE or IB credits?

Yes, Southern Oregon University accepts both Western Undergraduate Exchange and International Baccalaureate credits.