Save a year’s tuition.
Get a jump start on your life.
Graduate in three years instead of four!

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The Accelerated Baccalaureate Program -- known fondly around campus as the "Acc Bacc" -- is a unique program that allows you to earn your bachelor's degree in just three years, saving you a year's worth of tuition and other college expenses.

The Acc Bacc program actually reduces the number of credits required for graduation by taking into account your high school work. With fewer credits to take, Acc Bacc students enjoy a regular course load and plenty of time to participate in the extraordinary extracurricular opportunities available at SOU and in the greater community.

Acc Bacc students differ from regular four-year students in two important ways: 1) They have already decided upon their major when they enter college, and 2) They seek to complete college sooner rather than later. 

Please note that the Acc Bacc is not a program for transfer students... if you're transferring too many credits, our credit reductions would not be to your benefit.

Your chosen major must be offered by a participating academic department. You may also choose to complete a minor or certificate program while pursuing your undergraduate degree to support your career goals. Your minor can be from any department on campus.

Acc Bacc students benefit from a number of different advantages:

  • A contract with SOU to complete course work in three years;
  • Priority registration status;
  • A reduction of 29-45 general education and elective credits;
  • A normal course load of about 16 credits (four classes) per term;
  • Up to one less year of the expense of tuition, fees, books and other expenses;
  • Time to work, play, study, volunteer and compete;
  • One less year of college and one more year of what YOU want to do;
  • One year earlier to grad school; and
  • Upon graduation, a fully recognized bachelor's degree! 

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Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 552-6260