In a learning environment designed to encourage the exploration and discussion of new ideas, the painting program at SOU offers students the opportunity to develop skills with a variety of paint media. Beginning classes introduce students to painting media techniques through a series of exercises that develop paint-handling skills while simultaneously teaching color theory and basic design concepts as they apply to all media. With this solid foundation, intermediate and advanced students are challenged to develop conceptual, technical and critical skills necessary for the development of a powerful, effective individual artist voice. Intimate class structures ask students to risk new ideas and test their art work as a part of a broader social context. Generous access to our large painting studios and wood shop provides the necessary space and atmosphere to support a broad range of traditional and contemporary explorations. 


The immediacy of making a mark on a surface is the fundamental power and beauty of drawing. Traditionally viewed as a basis for the study of art in all media, drawing now engages in a full range of contemporary art discourses and practices, from drawing from life to constructing virtual realities. Beginning classes introduce skills for drawing from life and explore foundational elements of drawing and design giving students the skills to express their ideas in a variety of media and techniques. Intermediate and advanced courses further develop skills and encourage and support greater individual exploration and expression. Studio activities, critiques and readings and visual examples broaden the understanding of drawing as a contemporary art form, and encourage critical thinking and conceptual creativity. Students work from a variety of sources, drawing from observation of still life, landscape, and models, as well as from the imagination and a variety of conceptual strategies.

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