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ASSOU 2019-2020


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The Administrative Director may not be a Senator, but shall be an officer of ASSOU. The term of office for this position shall be from the beginning of the academic year in fall term until the end of the academic year in spring term. The Administrative Director will work to ensure that Executive, Senate, and All-ASSOU meeting agendas are posted on the bulletin boards in Sours and in the Raider Nest. The Administrative Director shall work to ensure that all meeting minutes are distributed within 24 hours after assigned meetings reach adjournment. The Administrative Director shall assist in the preparation of ASSOU Legislative Branch general meetings, All-ASSOU General Assembly Meetings, and other ASSOU scheduled meetings as specified by the ASSOU President with the disbursement and retrieval of materials, handouts, and equipment. The Administrative Director shall be charged with writing the minutes at all Senate meetings, as well as assisting the ASSOU Senate and the Speaker of the Senate with managing the business of the body. This officer shall be held to the same conduct standards as all other Senate members but shall be a non-voting member of the Legislative Branch. In the absence of the Administrative Director, the Vice Speaker of the Senate shall act as the official minute taker at all meetings of the Senate.