Caitlin Scharer

ASSOU 2018-2019

Major: Political Science

Class: Junior

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About Me:

My name is Caitlin Scharer, I am from Eatonville, Washington. I have also lived in Salt Lake City, Oahu, and Dubrovnik, Croatia. I am Majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in Global Relationships. This will be my second year working with ASSOU and my first year serving as a Associate Justice. My office hours are set but feel free to schedule appointments with me at other times through my email.

Job Description:

b.i.The Associate Justices shall be paid officers of ASSOU.

b.ii.The Associate Justices will attend meetings of the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch,

and any other relevant ASSOU meetings on a rotating basis with the Chief Justice.

b.iii.The Associate Justices shall post and attend office hours in order that they stay

accessible for ASSOU and the student body.

b.iv.The Associate Justices shall be required to attend official branch meetings.

b.v.One Associate Justice shall be voted Vice-Chair by the rest of the Branch.

b.vi.The Associate Justices shall sit on Student Conduct Boards.