Johanna Pardo

ASSOU 2019-2020

Johanna Pardo


**All meetings can be scheduled by appointment via email and please CC the head of the branch.**

Office Hours via phone/Zoom:

Mondays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm





Pre-Law and Political Science


Fifth Year


About Me:

Because I want to save the world. Because I love helping students and ensuring that the Ashland community remembers that we are here and that we matter in local and state-wide politics. Because I’m tired of seeing students being treated like income sources and not people who deserve equal treatment, housing and food. I’m in student government because I want to fight for students. Plain & simple.

I'm also part of the IT Help Desk, Governmental Affairs Committee, Tuition Advisory Council,  OSA Bylaws Committee, OSA Board of Directors Co-Chair, The People’s Council: Police Accountability Committee, Legislative Action Team, Policy Council, SOPride Ad Hoc Committee, Housing Task Force. When studying, my favorite place is the one place no one knows about. My hobbies include writing poetry and short sci-fi and horror stories, archery, music, and swing dancing.


Job Description:

3.8.1 The Director of Governmental Affairs shall be a voting member on the Oregon Student Association Board of Directors (BOD). 

3.8.2 The Director of Governmental Affairs shall be ASSOU’s liaison and expert with local, state, and federal government issues, including acting as a liaison to the Oregon Legislature. 

3.8.3 The Director of Governmental Affairs shall chair the Vote OR Vote Campaign in conjunction with the Director of Internal Affairs and the Oregon Student Association. 

3.8.4 The Director of Governmental Affairs shall sit on the Legislative Action Team with representatives from the administration, faculty and classified staff.