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Tenaya (TJ) Raives

 IMG 5102

ASSOU 2016-2017

Major: Theatre Arts

Class: Junior

Leadership Experience:

  • Ashland High School Wrestling Team Coach
  • Events Coordinator for the Queer Student Union
  • QRC Staffer 2016-2017

Pronouns: They/Them/Their's

About Me:

I applied for this position so that I could better the school by helping it down the path of acceptance and equality. I want to listen to my peers and help to raise their voices to what they want to see happen at SOU. I love my sports, babies(human and animals), sweets, and building things out of wood. I dislike when people are rude to each other, most foods (I am a picky eater), when people have collars which are not folded down, and the sound of ice scraping. 

Job Description:

3.5.1 The Director of Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity shall be a member of the Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance board and shall assist in finding other students to fill positions for that body.

3.5.2 The Director of Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity shall coordinate with the Women’s Resource Center, the Queer Resource Center, the Social Justice House, and gender- and LGBTQ+-related organizations on campus to create activities, programming, and education relating to gender and sexuality.

3.5.3 The Director of Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity will work with the Director of Multicultural Affairs to coordinate with multiple resource centers for events and outreach.

3.5.4 The Director of Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity shall work with the Director of Public Relations to ensure events and resource centers are promoted properly

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