Jeremy Hogeweide

ASSOU 2018-2019

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Major: Communication and Emerging Media and Digital Arts

Concentration: Social Media and Public Engagement

Class: Senior

Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me:

I first came to Ashland my Junior year of high school and immediately fell in love with the town. Since coming to SOU, I have gotten involved in all sorts of communities on campus and have become dedicated to helping SOU thrive in whatever ways I can. I am a complete film nerd and will love geeking out over movies and music with anybody at just about any time. 

Job Description:

3.3.1 The Director of Public Relations shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the ASSOU Website and email communication to the student body as needed.

3.3.2 The Director of Public Relations shall create, update, and maintain the presence of social media for ASSOU.

3.3.3 The Director of Public Relations will work with the President and Vice President to obtain and disperse information regarding the work done by ASSOU to the student body in order to build awareness and increase transparency.

3.3.4 The Director of Public Relations will coordinate a yearlong effort of
ASSOU tabling to promote and create a friendly atmosphere between representatives of student government with the entire student body,including, but not limited to, faculty, and institution administration.

3.3.5 The Director of Public Relations shall be a liaison with the Events, Programming, and Involvement Committee (EPIC).

3.3.6 The Director of Public Relations shall oversee and work with the Administrative Director to ensure that all information from scheduled ASSOU meetings is posted onto the ASSOU website within 24 hours upon retrieval.