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Kellan Larson

ASSOU 2016-2017


Class: Senior

Leadership Experience:

  • Director of ROAP, Spring 2016
  • Chief of Staff, Fall 2016

Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me:

I am excited to be in a position to promote transparency and fairness, and ambition for the SOU students. I like baseball, the Great Pacific Northwest, and Mt. Rainier. I strongly dislike the sound of cardboard and styrofoam, and humid heat.

Job Description

3.9.1 The Director of ROAP shall be ASSOU’s liaison with Athletics,Intramural and Club Sports, and Outdoor Programs.

3.9.2 The Director of ROAP shall serve as ASSOU’s liaison with the Civic Engagement Program.

3.9.3 The Director of ROAP shall serve as a liaison to the Recreation Center.

3.9.4 The Director of ROAP shall sit on or find students to sit on the Ashland City Firewise and Parks and Recreation Commissions.

3.9.5 The Director of ROAP shall work with the Director of Public Relations to ensure games, events and resources are promoted properly.

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