ASSOU 2018-2019

2018 10 19 23.23.27

Major: Business

Minor: Music

Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me:

I am from the city of El Monte in the Los Angeles County, I was once in a pageant where I was crowned the first prince, and I brought the hydration station you can see all around SOU to all the schools in my high school district, and I love community outreach and taking pictures of sunsets. This is my first time in ASSOU, and I'm the Vice President (though I'm sure you know).

Job Description:

3.2 Student Body Vice President
3.2.1 The Vice President shall serve as a liaison between the Executive Branch
and all other branches of ASSOU.

3.2.2 The Vice President shall sit on the Governmental Heads Committee.

3.2.3 The Vice President shall serve as a voting member on the Committee on Committees.

3.2.4 The Vice President will be in charge of organizational assistance to the
entire staff through meetings, reservations, scheduling, and institutional knowledge and assisted by executive interns.

3.2.5 The Vice President is responsible for the delegation of Text Share.

3.2.6 The Vice President shall work with the OSA Campus Organizer on the transitioning process for ASSOU executive officers and interns.

3.2.7 The Vice President will serve as a liaison between ASSOU and RHA as a representative of ASSOU.

3.2.8 The Vice President shall also act as Chief of Staff for the Executive Branch Shall conduct one on one meetings with each cabinet  member throughout the course of the week to ensure accountability among cabinet members. Shall compile a report regarding the content of their one on one meetings to be delivered to the President weekly. Shall help the President compile the agenda for the weekly cabinet meetings.