Dylann Loverro

ASSOU 2019-2020
Dylann Loverro

Email: assoujudicial@sou.edu

**All meetings can be scheduled by appointment via email and please CC the head of the branch.**

Office Hours via phone/Zoom:

Tuesdays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm





Political Science and International Studies double Major with an Economics Minor




About Me:

This is my third year working with ASSOU and I enjoy the intersection of student life and politics that the job provides. I like being able to advocate for students as well as uphold our bylaws to ensure that our processes are as efficient, fair, and transparent as possible.

My favorite palce to study on campus is The Hannon Library or Stevenson Union. I am in the Honors College and I represent students on the Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee. I also work at the SU as a Building Manager. My hobbies include french language, film studies, cooking, hiking, music, and literature.


Job Description:

5.1.1 The Chief Justice shall be the chair of all Judicial Branch Meetings.

5.1.2 The Chief Justice shall facilitate the work of the Judicial Branch.

5.1.3 The Chief Justice shall abstain from voting except when it is necessary to break a tie.

5.1.4 The Chief Justice shall sit on the Heads of Government committee.

5.1.5 The Chief Justice shall post and attend Weekly offices hours in order for the Chief to stay accessible for ASSOU and the student body.

5.1.6 The Chief Justice shall work with the University Coordinator, Student Conduct and Co-Curricular Accommodations and other members of ASSOU to facilitate Student Conduct Boards.