Yan Gomberg Pessoa de Oliveira

ASSOU 2019-2020

Email: gombergpy@sou.edu 

**All meetings can be scheduled by appointment via email and please CC the head of the branch.**

Office Hours via Phone/Zoom:

Mondays 10:00am to 12:00pm





Outdoor Adventure Leadership 





About Me:

I love being involved on campus and I love being part of this process in ASSOU, where you learn about how the school and the decision making process work!

My favorite place to study is usually somewhere outside under the sun! On campus, I'm also involved in SOU Men's Soccer team #4,  Residence Life Admin. Assistant for University Housing, Liaison for NSEI (Nursing Students for Equality and Inclusion), as well as a Mentor for the SOU Mentor Program. My hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, river rafting, kayaking, soccer, road tripping, chasing waterfalls, traveling, and languages.


Job Description:

Constituents include any member of the ASSOU with an interest in environmental issues. This Senator shall serve as a liaison between the ECOS Resource Center and ASSOU and shall serve as a member of the Environmental Affairs Committee of ASSOU and hold meetings with its coordinator as needed. This Senator shall also sit as a member on the Stevenson Union Steering Committee.

2.1 A Senator must meet the minimum Qualifications for Office as defined in the ASSOU Constitution for their entire term of office.

2.2 A Senator must maintain a minimum of six academic credits to maintain status as an ASSOU Senator.

2.3 A Senator must be a member of their constituency as defined in the individual Senate seat description, or demonstrate a significant level of involvement and interest in a particular constituency.

2.6 Senators will be required to work at a designated location for at least two hours each week, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

2.7 Senators will be required to attend each meeting of the Senate held throughout the year.

2.8 Senators shall be required to serve on a minimum of three and a maximum of six committees.