Sam Hennessee

ASSOU 2019-2020


Office Hours:

Tuesdays 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Stevenson Union 202






 Creative Writing



Junior, Second year at SOU 


About Me:

I joined student government because I had first-handedly witnessed injustices occurring on campus that I am actively seeking to change. I saw the opportunity to not only have my own voice heard, but to lift the voices of others who do not have the same privilege and position that I currently hold.

The Human Bean on Campus is my favorite place to study! The bustle of cafe-goers inspires and engages me. I'm also involved in the SOU Mentor program! Last year I existed as a mentee, and this year I am returning as a mentor. I am an avid writer and a published author. On my own time, I like designing and creating costume pieces for different events in the area.


Job Description:

Constituents include any member of the ASSOU who are affected by issues that focus on gender equality and sexual diversity. This Senator shall serve as a liaison between the Queer Student Union, Women’s Resource Center, the Queer Resource Center, and ASSOU, and shall meet with the respective coordinators of these resource centers as needed. This Senator shall also sit as a member of the Multicultural Affairs Committee of ASSOU and the Stevenson Union Steering Committee.