In the Academic year 2014-15, the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University (ASSOU) chose to offer students a child care subsidy in order to assist students who have children who are pre-school age or younger to attend classes at SOU. This subsidy is funded from the incidental fee that all students pay when they enroll at SOU. Prior to this subsidy, the students supported students with young children by providing financial support to the Schneider Children's Center at SOU, which in turn offered a reduced rate to SOU students. That support has been redirected to fund the subsidy and Schneider no longer offers students a reduced rate. However, students who qualify for the subsidy can use that to offset their child care charges to the same effect as the previous reduced rate.

The subsidy is included in a student's full financial package and can impact other financial aid the student would have otherwise received. Because of this, the subsidy is administered through the Financial Aid office at SOU.

Understanding the ASSOU Child Care Subsidy