Voting for the 2017 ASSOU elections has now concluded! The election results are as followed:

President and Vice President: 74.1% for Daryl Maplethorpe and Leo McCaffrey

Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity Senator: 90.5% for Jamani LaShawn

International Senator: 55.3% for Dylann Loverro and 43.1% for Sharissa Myasato

Athletics and Recreation Senator: 47.1% for Emma Kincade, 31.6% for Cassidy Wheat, and 20.4% for Paige Leeper

Business, Communications, and Environmental Studies Senator: 47% for Jeremy Hogeweide, 34.1% for Heather Wells, and 18% for Mackenzie Evangelisti 

Humanities and Culture Senator: 97.8% for Jenny Nitzky

Social Sciences Senator: 61% for Kali Sullivan and 38% for Katelin Turner

Campus Life and Housing Senator: 95.4% for Andrew Zucker

Environmental Affairs Senator: 53.2% for Briana Farrell and 45.4% for Ollie Bucolo

Nontraditional, Military Affairs, and HEC Senator: 97.2% for Kieryn Eagy

Education, Health, and Leadership Senator: 99.1% for Kawika Kainoa

Multicultural Affairs Senator: 96.9% for Jennifer Pang

STEM Senator: 99.1% for Gabriel Braet

Arts and Performance Senator: 98.5% for Nicholas Canepa

Referendum: Take Back the Tap, Single-use water bottle ban 2017-2022
83.9% for Yes and 16.1% for No

Thank you for participating in the ASSOU elections!