As the student government of Southern Oregon University, and as part of the Oregon Student Association, ASSOU fights for issues that matter to students. In 2014, we secured $500,000 from the Oregon Legislature to prevent some cuts to programs and faculty positions at SOU. That victory would not have been possible without the persistence and dedication of SOU students. 

Prioritized for 2017-2018

  • Park Safe Initiative: The park safe initiative is a campaign designed to help enahnce the safety of the students on and around our campus. Students noticed that there were large dark patches on campus at night, parking lots without blue lights, and other missing features that made students feel unsafe while they were walking around at night. We are working with Campus Public Safety to make sure the students voices are being heard on this issue
  • Sexual Assault Prevention: This year ASSOU is dedicating resources to help do prevention work on our campus. SOU has a wonderful, nationally acclaimed, response program for secual assault: Campus Choice. ASSOU is interested in putting more focus on prevention. The Sexual Assault Prevention Committee will be working throughout the year to shed light on this issue. 
  • Affordability Council: Often when talking about college affordability, we focus on tuition. Every year students across the state lobby to keep tuition down. ASSOU has noticed that there is a lack of focus when it comes to other areas of affordability: Housing, Food, and Textbooks. Our affordability council will be working this year to find ways to help with these other areas of affordability. 

You can get involved as an intern or volunteer, or contact us with questions.