As the student government of Southern Oregon University, and as part of the Oregon Student Association, ASSOU fights for issues that matter to students. In 2014, we secured $500,000 from the Oregon Legislature to prevent some cuts to programs and faculty positions at SOU. That victory would not have been possible without the persistence and dedication of SOU students. 

Prioritized for 2018-2019

  • Blood Ban Drive: For over a decade, SOU has had in place a ban on blood drives on campus, due to federal regulations that discriminate against LGBTQ+ members from having the ability to donate blood. This year, ASSOU is committed to opening up more conversations with students and campus partners so that our stance, whether altered or the same, is more reflective of the current SOU student body. We will look to educate students on the existence and purpose of the ban and will work to provide safe environments where people can voice their concerns and thoughts on the discriminatory regulations that prevent individuals from donating blood.


  • Sexual Assault Prevention: This year, ASSOU is dedicated to introducing more techniques and policies that focus on informing individuals about sexual assault prevention, rather than just focusing on response. By working with campus partners, ASSOU plans to foster new programs that may help to educate SOU administration and students on the differences between response techniques and prevention techniques. This will also include measures where we will seek grants and other aid that may help us in starting these educational programs. The wider goal of this program will be to gain support from SOU admin for sexual assault prevention training. 

You can get involved as an intern or volunteer, or contact us with questions.