Oregon Student Association of Southern Oregon University 

Who are we?

The Associated Students of Southern Oregon University is a founding member campus of the Oregon Student Association built by students in 1975 between the student governments of University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Southern Oregon University. The Organization was founded to unite the efforts of student governments across the state and act as a statewide student government. OSA’s focus on grassroots organizing means that while ASSOU directs its priorities OSA does not direct ASSOU to do anything. SOU holds 6 board members in the Oregon Student Association along with 9 separate campuses and community colleges (a total of 54 members sit on three, 18 person governing boards from across the state) and its priorities and staffing are completely directed by students.

At SOU, the President (Or their designee) and the Director of Governmental Affairs sit on OSA’s Board of Directors. The Director of Multicultural Affairs and an At-large student sit on OSA’s Oregon Students of Color Coalition Board. The Director of Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity and an At-large student sit on OSA’s Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance Board. All 3 governing boards come together to direct the Organization while staff work in a supporting role to help facilitate change, maintain institutional knowledge and develop critical skill sets to make effective student governments.

What is our mission?

The Oregon Student Association (OSA) is a statewide, student-led advocacy and organizing nonprofit. OSA was established in 1975 to represent, serve, and protect the collective interests of students in post-secondary education in Oregon. We represent over 130,000 students and work to make a quality education more affordable and accessible for ALL Oregonians.