While the student incidental fee is subject to the approval of the University President, the students involved in the Student Fee Committee make decisions which determine the fee and allocate the resulting funds. They have control of what, and how much to fund,  as well as the cost of the student incidental fee, green tag fee, and student recreation center fee. As such, the student incidental fee is one of the best ways that students effect change and express their priorities on campus. It represents an opportunity to make formative changes that can, and will affect the campus for years to come.

The student incidental fee is allocated by students in a transparent, responsible, and objective process. The process is used to promote and enact shared governance by giving students budgetary authority within the University.

The student incidental fee has been officially recognized and established by the passage of HB 2747 by the Oregon Legislature in 1983 and again in HB 3120 in 2013.

For more information on the regulations of the student fee, please review the Student Fee Bylaws.



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