Please see our Course Scheduling page to find out when specific Biology elective courses are offered.


All full-time faculty advise Biology majors and General Studies or Interdisciplinary students with an interest in Biology.


Pre-Professional Programs Leading to Specialities in:
Student InterestAdvisor
Chiropractic Page
Dental Hygiene Page
Dentistry Roden
Medical Technology Page
Medicine May, Oline
Physician Assistant May, Oline
Occupational Therapy  May
Optometry Page
Veterinary Medicine Parker


Environmental Education Masters Janes, Parker


Sub-Disciplines in Biology

Student InterestAdvisor
Animal Behavior Ferguson
Animal Physiology Parker
Botany Roden
Cell & Molecular Biology Oline, Page
Ecology Parker, Welden,
Entomology Ferguson
Evolution Oline
Forensics May
Genetics Oline
Invertebrate Biology Ferguson
Microbiology Page
Vertebrate Biology Janes, Parker, May


Student InterestAdvisor
Integrated Science Contact the Education Department
Secondary Education Contact the Education Department


Faculty Offices
NameOfficePhoneE Mail
Christianson, Roger SC-363 552-6747
Ferguson, Carol SC- 370 552-6748
Janes, Stewart SC-225 552-6797
May, Richard SC-371 552-6867
Oline, David SC-384 552-6799
Page, Kathleen SC-386 552-6788
Parker, Michael SC-224 552-6796
Roden, John SC-226 552-6798
Welden, Charles SC-380 552-6868


Emeritus Faculty


Name Room Phone email
Cross, Stephen   552-8540
Lang, Frank
Nitsos, Ronald   552-6869
Southworth, Darlene E-220 552-6865