The minor is designed for non-biology majors who wish to emphasize biology by completing at least 30 credits from the following:

Principles of Biology

Molecules, Cells, and Genes (BI 211) 5
Evolution and Diversity (BI 212) 5
Function and Ecology of Organisms (BI 213) 5

Select 15 or more credits from any regularly scheduled 300- or 400-level biology course that counts toward the biology major.


The following courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement: BI 330, BI 380-389,  BI 401-405, BI 409, BI 489, BI 490. A maximum of 3 credits from BI 407 and BI 408 may be applied to this requirement.  Only 1 credit may be from BI 407. In addition, 4 credits of Biochemistry may be applied to this requirement.



Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in biology courses for the minor.