Create a strong package to show academic and non-academic ability. Include the Pre-med committee letter plus 3-4 well-chosen letters that address different aspects of your nonacademic life such as health care experience, work in health care setting, volunteer work, extracurricular activities or employment. Discuss the letter choices with an advisor.

You may have letters sent to your pre-med advisor to include in a packet to send to medical schools along with the committee letter.


We recommend the following letters:

1. Committee letter: Complete the Pre-med Interview form and submit to Dr. Sollinger or Dr. May by May 15. Pre-med committee interviews will be conducted in June. The purpose of the interview is to enable the committee to write a clear specific letter on your behalf. An additional benefit is to practice an interview before you arrive at a medical school for the real thing.


2. Health care supervisor: When you do volunteer work or employment in any aspect of health care, ask the person who most closely observed your work to write a letter and send it to your pre-med advisor.  It is best if the letter comes from someone with an M.D. degree.


3. Other volunteer work or extracurricular activities: Again, have the person who best knows your work send a letter to your pre-med advisor.


4. Research: When you have completed a portion of a research project, either on campus, such as your senior capstone project, or off-campus in work with other agencies or institutions, have your supervisor describe your work and send the letter to your pre-med advisor. Because senior projects begin in the senior year, you might delay getting this letter until you have had considerable interaction with your mentor.

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