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Ashland, OR  97520

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B.S. Physics (1985) Stanford University

Ph.D. Biology (2001) University of Colorado, 2001

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, 1997



Genetics (Bi341)

Evolution (Bi348)

Molecular Biology (Bi425)

The New Sciences of Complexity (Bi381)


Research Interests:

Dr. Oline's research interests are in using molecular tools to address ecological questions. Currently he is participating in an NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity project investigating the dynamical interactions between temperate forest trees and their oomycete pathogens. Our field site is the Wind River Forest Dynamics Plot in southern Washington, and collaborators are a diverse group of ecologists, genomicists, and plant pathologists from Oregon State, Utah State, and Lewis and Clark college. We are using the resources of the SOU Biotechnology Center and SOU student researchers to take two approaches - characterizing allelic diversity of the PR4 plant resistance genes in the tree species at the Wind River site, and also investigating the diversity of native oomycetes present in the soil. Additionally, Dr. Oline is involved in projects including the molecular documentation of two different hybrid zones within the genus Abies (true firs) which interestingly co-occur in the local forests of southern Oregon and northern California - one between noble and red fir, and another between grand and white fir.



Oline, D.K.  2008. Geographic variation in chloroplast haplotypes in the California red fir-noble fir species complex and the status of Shasta red fir.  Can. J. For. Res. 38:2705-2710.

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