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Ph.D., Botany, University of California, Davis. 1992

M.S., Botany, University of California, Davis. 1989.

B.S., Forest Management, University of Washington. 1987.


Plant Physiology, (Bi 331)

Principles of Biology, (Bi211)

Forest Ecology and Management (Bi386)

Biogeochemistry (Bi346)

Plant Form and Function (Bi434/534)

Introductory Ecology Lab (Bi340L)

Stable Isotope Ecology and Biogeochemistry (summer course, University of Utah) 


Research Interests

My fundamental interests are in Plant Physiological Ecology and Biogeochemistry with special reference to trees and forest ecosystems. The theme that binds my interests together is an interest in how the microenvironment of a plant influences its form and function. In particular, I have been interested in how plants acclimate and adapt to environmental heterogeneity with an emphasis on how those physiological and morphological characteristics affect survival and growth. Recent projects have included stable isotopes in tree ring cellulose as indicators of plant water use and climate change, the effects of wind and leaf movements (leaf flutter) on canopy light dynamics and its impact on photosynthesis, the effects of elevated CO2 and temperature extreme events (global change) on tree seedling physiology.

I am the faculty supervisor of the Southern Oregon University Stable Isotope Facility (SOUSIF), where we measure the stable isotopes of C, O and N from organic matter samples. Stable isotopes have numerous applications in biology and ecology and we have run samples for many different labs and investigators. Recently we had major NSF funded projects looking at the stable isotope variation in coast redwood trees as a proxy for climate variation over the last millennium.  




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