(formerly known as Entertainment Policies)

SOU adopted the OUS Non-Travel Meals, Refreshments & Hospitality Expenses policy effective April 1, 2008.

SOU has modified this policy to allow the following to be used as a guideline for acceptable meal rates, when hosting official guests, not including the maximum allowable 15% gratuity.

$10.00 - Breakfast
$15.00 - Lunch
$30.00 - Dinner

The travel meal per diem rates apply to all other allowable employee meals under the new OUS policy.

Any exceptions to these amounts need to be approved by the appropriate Vice President before payment is made.

Payment for all entertainment-related expenses should be submitted on the Hosting Groups/Guests/Candidates form. Payment for all meals/refreshments at meetings should be submitted on the Meals or Refreshments at Meetings form.

If a personal reimbursement is made, the SOU reimbursement request form must also be submitted.  It is important that the correct account code is used on this request.

Hosted meals and refreshments may be hosting, public relations, or conference costs depending upon the purpose of the activity. Look to the following account codes for guidance.


Non travel-related events




Rental External Facilities


University training events (>2 hours) n/a 28611 n/a 24151 n/a
University business meetings (>2 hrs & with agenda) n/a 28611 n/a 24151 n/a
Departmental Staff Retreats (away from work location) 28611 28611 39415 24151 n/a
Employee working meal (on site, with clear business purpose) 28611 n/a n/a n/a n/a
One day trips -employee meals (business at the meal) 28611 n/a n/a n/a n/a







Hosting visiting scientists, scholars, guest speakers 28612 28612 39445 n/a n/a
Hosting for faculty or staff recruiting 28612 28612 39445 n/a n/a
Advisory board meeting costs 28612 28612 39445 24151 n/a
Focus group session costs n/a 28612 n/a n/a n/a







Appreciation event for students and volunteers n/a 28613 n/a 24151 n/a
Hosting of dignitaries or donors 28613 28613 n/a 24151 n/a
Prospective student recruitment costs 28613 28613 28613 n/a n/a
Student group meetings n/a 28613 n/a n/a n/a







University-sponsored conferences or workshops 28603 28604 28602 28606 28605







Athletic Training Table Meals 20300 n/a n/a n/a n/a


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