Student Application and Disbursement Procedures

The Oregon University System Board of Higher Education approved the ability for SOU to provide a fund to reimburse students for the partial cost of medical care treatments where the student is unable to cover those costs through other options.  

To become eligible for the Health Cost Reimbursement Fund, students need to:

  1.  Be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours during the term in which they incurred the medical expenses. 
  2.  Complete the Health Cost Reimbursement Student Application Form * and submit it along with receipts documenting medical expenses.

Students not able to provide a receipt for reimbursement with the application may request an exception in order to receive the funds in advance.  To avoid having to repay the advance back to their student account, students will need to submit a receipt showing payment of medical costs within 5 business days of receiving the assistance.

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Program Details: 

  • A separate application must be submitted with each request for assistance.
  • Maximum reimbursement: $500 per term [for expenses incurred during that term]. 
  • Minimum reimbursement: $25 [Students can combine more than one receipt with each request for assistance, and the minimum applies to the total receipts submitted with each request for assistance].
  • Will only be available for covering actual medical expenses, excluding health insurance premium costs.
  • Students will be able to submit applications and receipts at drop box that will be located at the front of the Enrollment Services Center located in the Britt building.
  • Awards will be placed on the student’s SOU account, and released to their HigherOne card where students can take advantage of having their HigherOne account structured so that the funds are automatically transferred to the bank account of their choice.
  • Resources issued to student will be predicated on the availability of funds at the time of the request. 

SOU Subsidy Fund Applications submitted by students will be reviewed by the Student Health Cost Reimbursement Sub-committee.

If you have additional questions, please call the Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC) 541-552-6136.    

(revised 9/25/2012)

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