Earn a certificate in your field of interest to increase your knowledge, expertise, and marketability.

The School of Business invites you to discover the flexibility and value of completing a business minor as part of your undergraduate degree program.  Everyone needs to learn about business. No matter what career we choose, we are all in business.  With a minor in Business, you can take what you’re passionate about and go even further!  You will gain a basic understanding of business practices, management theory, accounting and marketing concepts, and whatever else interests you in field of business.  

The School of Business offers small classes to ensure a high-level interaction with the experienced faculty.  Students obtaining a minor will be involved in team projects, open-class discussion, critical thinking, and problem solving to develop skills that are vital in today's workplace. Match your passion with some common business sense to stand out above others in your field. 

Program Preparation

This minor is intended to give students majoring in other disciplines an understanding of the primary functions within a business. Students enrolling in the minor are expected to be computer literate (CS115 or BA131) and to have completed an introductory statistics course. A minimum 2.5 GPA in SOU business administration courses is required.

Degree Roadmap

The minor provides students with basic business knowledge so they can understand the big picture in an organization and their role in it.  Students are required to complete courses in accounting, marketing and management.  With two elective courses, students can explore other areas of business that fit with their career goals.   

Degree Integration

Many students are delighted to find that a business minor complements their major. No matter what major they chose, a student is likely to end up in a managerial or executive position in which business skills are required.   Students may also find knowledge through the minor program to manage their own personal lives.  A business minor can enhance a student’s resume by adding tangible business skills making them more competitive on the job market.

Required Courses (16 Credits)

Financial Accounting (BA 211)          4 credits
Managerial Accounting (BA 213)       4 credits
Principles of Marketing (BA 330)        4 credits
Principles of Management (BA 374)    4 credits

Elective Courses (8 credits)

Choose two approved upper division business administration courses.  See a faculty advisor in the School of Business for assistance in selecting elective courses.