The Certificate in Applied Finance and Economics (CAFE) is jointly offered by the School of Business and the Department of Economics. The program is open to all students.  In size and scope, the certificate is between a minor and a major. To be awarded this certificate, students must meet CAFE program requirements and requirements for a BA or BS degree at SOU (or the transfer equivalent).  A majority of credits for the CAFE must be taken at SOU.

The purpose of the CAFE is to provide students with an opportunity to combine selected finance and economics courses into a coherent area of study. The CAFE program integrates courses from the two disciplines, synthesizing the broad theoretical subject overview and applications provided in economics with the practical and applied areas emphasized in finance.

The goals of the CAFE program are to provide students with a base of analytical methods and tools used in finance and economics and to develop their ability to critically and quantitatively apply those tools to actual problems encountered in the workplace. To meet these goals, students must select elective courses from one of five focus areas tailored to their career interests.

The CAFE program requires completion of 36 credits, consisting of five required courses and four electives from one focus area. All courses taken for the certificate must be completed with a grade of C or better and a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Course requirements may be found in the SOU online catalog. 

2011-12 catalog; 2012-13 catalog; 2013-14 catalog; 2014-15 catalog2015-16 catalog; 2016-17 catalog; 2017-18 catalog

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