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 An Opportunity for Leadership

Nonprofit organizations have great social significance, providing a range of goods and services not provided by business or government. The nonprofit sector is composed of many diverse organizations addressing a wide range of issues. These organizations are dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting theater and the arts, providing social services, ensuring adequate healthcare, providing opportunities for recreation, and much more. This sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, resulting in a significant demand for professionals with training and experience to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

When Passion Isn't Enough

Many of us are drawn to nonprofit work due to a dream of helping others or the desire to advance a compelling cause. In today's dynamic, competitive environment, passion alone is not enough to fulfill an organization's promise. Instead, successful nonprofits employ management practices that have proven to be effective in many organizations. Southern Oregon University offers you the chance to learn and apply these practices while earning a certificate in nonprofit management.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is tailored to meet your needs, whether you are a student just entering the field or a nonprofit professional returning to college. The program is open to students of all majors, including undergraduates, graduates, and post baccalaureate candidates. Courses are split between in-class and online time, allowing students living at some distance from campus to actively participate with a minimum of travel time.

Earning this certificate can greatly expand your career options if you are majoring in any field, especially Business, English, Environmental Studies, Health & PE, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Theatre Arts.

SOU's Certificate in Nonprofit Management

With the help of an advisory board of local nonprofit leaders, this program has been designed to serve both the needs of the students and the nonprofit community. The program develops competency in nonprofit financial management, board development, volunteer coordination, fundraising, grant writing, program planning, and marketing. Your skills and knowledge will be developed through a combination of coursework and extensive firsthand experience in a nonprofit setting. Besides providing an invaluable venue for applying classroom theory, hands-on internships will enhance your professional networking and create opportunities for exposure that can boost your career development. Details of current course requirements are available in the SOU online catalog. The complete program curriculum for the 2015-2016 catalog is available at this link: Nonprofit Management Curriculum.

Admission to Certificate Program:

To earn a School of Business certificate, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Be admitted to Southern Oregon University as an undergraduate student and concurrently complete your bachelor's degree.
  2. Have earned a BA or BS degree and be admitted to Southern Oregon University as a post-baccalaureate student.
  3. Be admitted to a Southern Oregon University graduate program.

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For more information about the Certificate in Nonprofit Management, contact the certificate coordinator, Jane Picknell.


Jane C Picknell