The IBC was discontinued beginning with the 2014-15 catalog. Students who began the certificate prior to 2014-15 will be allowed to complete the program.

As the world of business becomes increasingly more global, the need for international exposure and cultural intelligence increases. An International Business Certificate (IBC) provides experience in these areas and offers individuals a competitive edge in the marketplace. The IBC program provides opportunities to gain expertise in business decision-making in an international environment, to interact with globally connected students and businesses in the US and abroad, and to experience foreign cultures. Program coursework focuses on the principles and processes of export sales, trade controls, foreign operations, monetary concerns, international businesspolicy, and applications to doing business in specific countries and markets. 

Production, services, employment, consumption, and politics are internationally integrated in our economy. College graduates who are expected to compete in this environment may be at a disadvantage if they have no knowledge of key aspects of the international marketplace. While the core courses of a degree in Business Administration have evolved to include international aspects in their respective areas, increased globalization has created a strong demand for students who are well-versed in global markets and practices. The IBC answers this need.

Specific program objectives include:

  1. Prepare students to consider business decision-making in an international environment.
  2. Provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with international students and businesses here and abroad through active student exchange programs and guided international study tours.
  3. Enhance student understanding of foreign cultures, ideas, and belief systems.

The International Business Certificate combines internationally-focused course work from a number of disciplines (Business, Communication, Economics, Foreign Language, Geography, and Sociology) with an opportunity to study abroad. The certificate requires the completion of 36 credit hours. Coursework is broken into 20 credits of core courses and 4 “Global Units” equivalent to 16 elective credit hours (1 global unit = 4 credit hours). Global units may be earned by participating in an international exchange, completing an internship in an international business or in the Office of International Programs, participating in an international business conference, and/or taking related elective courses.

The International Business Certificate is open to undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students. All courses taken for the IBC must be completed with a minimum grade of “C,” while the overall minimum program GPA has been set at 2.5. The Certificate will be awarded to undergraduate students meeting its requirements along with the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at Southern Oregon University. Post baccalaureate students may earn the Certificate by completing the program’s credit requirements.

2013-14 Catalog Information

Contact the Program Coordinator . . . 

Dr. Curt Bacon
Central Hall 138
(541) 552-6487