SOU offers an annual CPA Review course each Spring term. Two courses will be available, each covering one part of your choice of the CPA Exam. Both classes will be held together in the Central Hall computer lab (CE 104). 

The first class is held on the first Tuesday of Spring term, which is the only face-to-face class. The remainder of the course is online. If a student is an online only student, a phone conference may replace that one face-to-face session. In the first meeting, we will discuss how to approach the CPA Exam, materials available and tips for success. Students will be expected to utilize the Gleim software purchased (or other CPA Review software) and provide progress reports to the instructor.

For fees, CRNs, etc., see the Spring Course Schedule. The courses are BA 465A/B or BA 565A/B. The courses may be audited or taken for credit with an A-F or Pass/NoPass option.

If you register for one or both of these courses be sure to log in to Moodle at least two weeks before Spring term begins to find out important information about materials to be obtained and assignments to be completed before the first class.

For more information contact Susan Cain.