Welcome to the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. You will find that our School is a special place for learning theories, tools and applications in business and management. We are committed to providing you with an outstanding business education that is current, relevant, and meaningful in today's dynamic and rapidly changing global marketplace.

Our faculty and staff will treat you as a learner and a valued individual. Our classes are small, and you will have the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and develop long-lasting friendships. Our internship program and other experiential learning experiences will provide you with valuable work experience prior to graduating. You will also have the opportunity to network with executives from a variety of industries.

We hope you have an enriching and rewarding time in our School.


School of Business Mission

The mission of the School of Business is to prepare students for challenging, socially responsible careers in a dynamic, and globally competitive business environment. As part of a regional university, the Business School integrates a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences with the primary areas of business administration. The School emphasizes excellence in teaching, individualized advising, and flexible course scheduling. Programs are readily accessible to students through multiple locations and small class sizes that allow for significant interaction between professors and students.

Essentials of the Mission are:

A coherent, integrated curriculum within the functional areas of business emphasizing the increasingly global nature of the business environment, ethical conduct in business decision-making, and technological competency;

A requirement that students demonstrate the ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and professional manner. These communication skills are refined through oral class presentations, written assignments, and the development of a comprehensive business plan that serves as a senior capstone project;

A foundation in the liberal areas and sciences supplemented with a required non-business minor, an interdisciplinary certificate, or a year-long study abroad experience;

A dynamic set of academic offerings consisting of business concentrations, business co-majors, interdisciplinary certificate programs, and a comprehensive degree completion program;

A requirement that students earn internship credit or engage in practical undergraduate research in the business community;

Accessible programs available to all qualified students through day and evening courses offered at multiple locations and online;

Faculty that reflect a balance between theory and practice, teaching and research, and service to the University and community.