MBA Program Coordinator

Office: Central Hall 135

Phone: (541) 552-6709
FAX: (541) 552-6715


Ph.D., 1998, Management/Marketing, Virginia Commonwealth University
MBA, 1981, Indiana State University
BS, 1979, Management, Indiana State University


BA 330 Principles of Marketing
BA 444/544 Product Policy
BA 441/541 Marketing Channels/Pricing Strategy
BA 434/534 Sales and Sales Management
MBA 512 Marketing Management and Strategies

Mark Siders is an Associate Professor of Business at SOU. He joined SOU in the fall of 1999. He has a BS in Business Management and an MBA from Indiana State University in Terre Haute Indiana. After a 20-year career in marketing management with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson he decided to pursue a teaching career. His Ph.D. in Management and Marketing is from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. His research interests include: corporate culture, sales force management, and international marketing. Mark has published several papers in such journals as International Marketing Review, The Academy of Management Journal, and the Journal of Business and Psychology.

Mark serves as a consultant in the Biotech industry providing firms with software solutions to sales management issues, marketing research, and disposition of obsolete inventory.

He is married, has two children, three cats, and an obsessive interest in breakfast cereals.