Recognize, support and empower creativity in an innovation leadership role. Systemize and embrace others visions, new ideas, products, services and solutions.   Educate yourself with our revolutionary program to learn market, organizational and cultural creation skills to enhance any work atmosphere.  Prepare to be creative, innovative, open-minded, and a leader in any industry.

A BS in Innovation and Leadership degree enables students to demonstrate an operating understanding of organizational leadership and culture including theories about individual and group behaviors.  From this experience they can apply innovative solutions to organizational systems using modern data analysis techniques, emerging media tools, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  This allows students to excel in local and regional organizations in the community, analyze the legal, ethical, financial, and physical environment in which an organization operates. There is success in a student’s ability to demonstrate increased skill in effective communication using a wide range of technological tools, interpersonal skills, and writing techniques which is a requirement of the curriculum.

The Division of Business, Communication & Environmental Studies offers a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program for working professionals who are emerging and developing leaders within their organizations. Classes are accelerated and hybrid, scheduled in 5-week modules with class both in person and online. This program supports use of credit for prior learning (CPL) as part of meeting general education, program pre-requisites, and elective requirements.  


Innovation and Leadership is for people who have: One to two years of previous college experience, at least five years of work experience beyond the entry level; and a desire to lead, innovate, collaborate, and think creatively.  The Innovation and Leadership BS Program supports flexible entry points.


The sixteen courses of the major are offered over a 21 month period and include courses from Business, Communications, Emerging Media and Psychology.  The degree reflects the realities of leadership in today's workplace by offering courses such as: Digital Portfolios, Negotiation, Conflict Management, Group Dynamics, Creative Thinking, Applied Business Research, IT Ethical and Legal Issues and Entrepreneurships in Organizations. This program supports use of credit for prior learning (CPL) as part of meeting general education, program pre-requisites, and elective requirements.


No matter the degree, an emphasis can enhance a wide range of field specific studies and make a graduate more agile and competitive on the job market.  The Certificate in Applied Finance and Economics program integrates courses from the two disciplines, synthesizing the broad theoretical subject overview and applications provided in economics with the practical and applied areas emphasized in finance.

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