What is an internship?

An internship is a work experience in an on- or off-campus setting for which a student receives academic credit. The School of Business cooperates with local agencies and businesses to provide a wide variety of opportunities that give real-world application of the concepts learned in the classroom. Supervision is provided for the student at the place of assignment by a designated on-site supervisor.The School of Business Internship Coordinator further supervises the student's progress and may serve as a liaison between the work site and the University.

Juniors and Seniors seeking a BA/BS in Business Administration are eligible for BA 409 internship placement.  Juniors and Seniors seeking a BAS in Management should register for BA 402 internship placement. Graduate students are eligible for BA 509 internship placement.

A minimum 2.5 GPA in business administration course work at SOU is required for internship placement. A student must work at least 30 hours for every one credit earned. Most students enroll for 4 credit hours and complete 120 hours of work. Students may earn a maximum of 12 credits in BA 409 toward their bachelor's degree.Students may register for up to a total of 4 credits of BA 217 (lower division internship). Note: The maximum number of credit hours of internship for Oregon CPA candidates is 6 effective June 30, 2017.

More information about the Internship program may be found in the Student Internship Handbook.

You may also want to watch this video tutorial describing the internship program and how to search for an internship. Please note as of 9/15/2014 all internship questions and inquiries are to be directed to Jane C. Picknell.

What steps should a student take to set up an Internship?

  1. BA 409 students must become fully admitted to the School of Business. Once you have completed the pre-business program requirements, visit the School of Business office in Central Hall 144 to apply for full admission to the upper division program in Business Administration. At this time you will select one of  four concentration options and will meet with an advisor who will help you plan your upper division coursework. Your advisor must approve your internship.
  2. BA 409 and BA 402 students must identify and receive approval for an appropriate internship from the Internship Coordinator. (Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in  business administration coursework and have completed appropriate classes in their major to register for an internship.)  If you are applying the internship to a certificate program requirement, you must also get approval of the certificate coordinator.
  3. If you are seeking a site, please see information below.
  4. Register for BA 409 Internship credits (BA/BS Business Administration) or BA 402 Internship credits (BAS in Management) as directed by the Internship Coordinator. If you are starting your internship prior to the quarter you plan to enroll in BA 217/402/409/509, please contact the Internship Coordinator and ask to be enrolled in the Moodle site. Follow the directions on the Moodle site before you start your internship.
  5. After registering, students will be enrolled in the Moodle site "Business Internships 'academic year.'" For example "Business Internships 2015-16." Instructions for finding, starting and completing an internship and all assignments are on the Moodle site. After registering, you must complete and submit the following forms to the Internship Coordinator:

Student Internship Application (must be signed by student, employer, and certificate coordinator if applicable) - to be accessed via Moodle

Student Agreement (must be signed by student) - to be accessed via Moodle

Work Site Agreement (must be signed by employer) - to be accessed via Moodle, example attached here.

Students may not start counting internship hours until those three forms are submitted and approved by the internship coordinator per directions on the Moodle site.

Search for Internships

To find an internship, you can do several  things:

1.  Go to your student email account.  Along the top bar on the right, where you see a grid block, click on the grid then Groups. (This is in GMail - not in My.sou.edu.)   If you do not see Groups, click on More, and then you should see Groups.  Search for Business Internships.  Double click on the group title and then you'll be able to scroll through all the postings.   There's a blue button that says "Join Group."  Join if you want to receive emails about any new postings.  You can always unsubscribe later when you're not interested any more.
2.  Go to the University site:  http://www.sou.edu/careers  If you have never logged into this site before, you will need to create a log in and password.   

3.  Contact a company you want to work for and offer your services.  Be prepared with a cover letter explaining why you want to intern with them and a resume. 


Jane C. Picknell
Jane C. Picknell
Internship Coordinator
CE 117