Advance yourself to the next stage in your career by enhancing your skills in multi-functional responsibilities on a strategic management level.   The management BAS prepares you for complex business challenges and to make a significant impact in your field.  The School of Business offers a program to transfer from a Associate’s degree in a technical field to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree (BAS).

Southern Oregon University's BAS program prepares you to advance into leadership roles in business and industry.  In this program, you will gain a comprehensive view of individual and group behaviors in organizations, demonstrate a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals of business, use critical thinking skills and practical knowledge to solve specific business management problems, and apply career development strategies to help you progress into management-level positions.
The BAS degree program is ideal for those who spent their first two years of college working on a technical degree to gain skills in a specialized field such as aviation, welding, mechanics, electronics, computer science, fire fighting, etc.  In the past, this type of degree offered very few transferable credits to a four-year degree program.  Now you can transfer all those credits and not waste time and money pursuing your dreams.    

Program Preparation

The perfect candidates are students with drive and desire to develop business knowledge. Students prepared to develop critical thinking skills, analytical skills, mindful innovative thought and ethical environmental awareness are perfect candidates for the SOU Business Administration Program.

Degree Roadmap

The BAS degree prepares students for managerial careers in technical fields. This program offers a seamless transition from an associate of applied science degree in technical fields earned from a community college to a bachelor’s degree.  This degree prepares students in management, marketing, accounting, organizational structure, and strategy.  Students choose their elective courses to enhance their professional development in their area of technical expertise.


BAS in Management students have a choice on their final capstone:  1)  Write a comprehensive business plan requiring the application of skills and knowledge in the functional areas of business, or 2) Participate in an applied internship utilizing their management skills in the work environment.  Overall business knowledge is tested and utilized during the capstone project and many students find confidence in their ability to produce quality business work making them competitive on the job market.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Management

Available to those who transfer to SOU with an AAS degree in a technical subject  (2017-18 catalog)

General Management Option
Hospitality and Tourism Management Option