Course Overview

John LaughlinJohn Laughlin, DPA
CE 136

Course Description

This course introduces students to past and current thinking regarding the relationship between practice and research, and the role of the practicing professional in research. The course provides students with the skills and understandings to critically review research reports, discuss ethical issues related to research, and carry out a pilot study. Emphasis is on the application of research to improve outcomes for management decisions. Students are expected to have some familiarity with databases, management information systems, and basic statistics.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the relative position of research as a "way of knowing" in the management profession.
  • Identify criteria for evaluating research-based knowledge.
  • Critically examine the relationship between research and practice with a focus on understanding how research findings and research methods can be used to alter and evaluate management outcomes.
  • Understand the professional's role regarding ethical issues relating to research and communication of research findings to clients, respondents, and professional colleagues.
  • Be familiar with data analysis techniques and statistical applications used to solve management problems.
  • Carry out a pilot research project.

Siskind, Neil J. Exploring Research, sixth edition. Prentice Hall Publishers, 2006.

Learning Activities 
  • Reading required text
  • Class participation and discussion
  • Pilot study assignment and critique