Course Overview

Kurt Knudsen

Kurt Knudsen

Course Description

This course will acquaint the participant with fundamental organizational legal concepts. These concepts will be discussed within a general managerial framework with distinctions made at times between profit, nonprofit, and governmental entity applications. Major topics covered will include tort liability, contracts and legal agreements, organizational forms, intellectual property rights, administrative law, employment and agency law, individual liability, and legal economics/ADR use. Where applicable, the Internet and cyberspace with its cyberlaw developments will be discussed within each topical area. Each session will utilize case studies, critical thinking, and class participation; guest speakers and class handouts will be used to complement class assignments.

Course Objectives

This course will cover general organizational legal concepts and is designed so participants will learn how to use these concepts when making decisions under different fact situations and circumstances. This decision-making outcome orientation is designed to be helpful when analyzing business legal problems that may develop after the course, including being able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of general legal concepts and an ability to use these concepts when making managerial/legal decisions
  2. Analyze management issues involving legal compliance
  3. Know how to avoid certain potentially damaging legal situations and
  4. Know what to ask of an attorney.

Required Text

Business Law Today, Miller and Jentz, Sixth Edition, West Publishing (ITP)