Course Syllabus

Spring 2006

John LaughlinJohn Laughlin, DPA

Course Description

This is a pretty ambitious title for a one credit seminar! We could spend all our time just trying to define the subject area. Instead, I have elected to focus on two subjects, one for each of the two times we will meet. What I would ask you to do in both cases is to carefully read the materials assigned, relate them to and think about the question posed for each seminar, and to answer the assigned question. It's important that you complete the readings prior to class in order to be prepared for in-class discussion.

In addition, we will spend time during the first session critiquing your experience with the MiM program. Come to the first session with some thoughts about what works well and what might work better in the MiM program. It's important that we discuss the program with an eye on continuous improvement.