Course Overview

John LaughlinJohn Laughlin, DPA

Course Introduction

This course will provide a clearer understanding of the requirements, challenges, and rewards presented by the MiM capstone experience. Participants will have the opportunity to prepare for their projects by studying existing project reports and attending formal capstone presentations. Online research and reporting skills will be enhanced through directed practice.

Essential Questions



This course will help participants answer these essential questions:

  •  What are the characteristics of a successful capstone project?
  •  What kinds of management questions form the basis for effective research?
  • What management question offers them the greatest potential for a meaningful capstone project?

Class Format



This class will meet during two Saturdays, the first and last Saturdays of the term. The first meeting will include a comprehensive survey of participants’ MiM experience in addition to a presentation by a reference librarian on advanced online search techniques. The second session will feature individual review of capstone reports and attendance at this year’s capstone presenta-tions. Blackboard will be used throughout the term as a forum for information sharing.

Course Objectives



Through this seminar, participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what is expected of them as they initiate and implement their capstone projects.
  • Advance their online research skills.
  • Become familiar with the requirements for the capstone written report by reviewing and evaluating existing reports.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of standard conventions in paraphrasing and correctly citing sources in report writing.