(Winter Term Course, 4 credits)

Margie McNabb, MM

Course Overview

This course examines social and emotional intelligence and how these competencies can strengthen leadership skills, enhance personal and professional growth, and promote a deeper understanding of self and others.

The goals of this course are:

  1. Increase awareness about dimensions beyond intellect and technical expertise that are essential to good management, leadership, and life. Specifically, we will be focusing on social and emotional intelligence and related competencies.
  2. Introduce a process for assessing self/others’ behaviors and developing plans for acquiring management related competencies.
  3. Inspire new thinking and the conscious development of new competencies in each participant.
  4. Gain comprehensive understanding of the emotional intelligence competencies and how to consciously integrate them into your leadership styles.

The underlying philosophy of this course includes the following:

  1. You are motivated to understand, strengthen, and apply your emotional intelligence and abilities related to success in work/school/life.
  2. You learn best when you are an active participant in the teaching/learning process and can choose activities best suited to your situation and your learning style.
  3. You have a lot to learn from exploring and understanding your own and others’ experience from past as well as future (experimental) behaviors.
  4. You are willing to invest the time and effort needed to gain the most from this class that will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

Therefore, the methodology used in this course will include:

  • In-class discussion and sharing of experiences.
  • Self-reflection through writing, and facilitative peer interactions.
  • Traditional lecture and presentation of new concepts and material.
  • Role playing, behavioral experiments, and other forms of actively practicing new skills.
  • Online Blackboard discussion.
  • Accessing other expertise through research, interviews, and presentations.

Required Text/Materials

  • Goleman, Daniel. Working with Emotional Intelligence. New York: Bantam Books. (1998)
  • Goleman, Daniel, Richard E. Boyatzis, Annie McKee. Primal Leadership; Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. (2002)
  • Selected chapters and articles distributed either in class and/or on Blackboard class site.