(Fall Term Course, 1 credit)

Karen Clark, CTP, MAT


Course Description

Discover how financial managers interface with their company’s operating and investment functions. Through case studies and interactive exercises, you’ll learn how to read financial statements and determine current cash positions in order to forecast future cash needs. This course is integrated with the Master in Management (MiM) multidisciplinary structure and offers an excellent foundation or refresher experience for individuals enrolled in the MiM and Master in Business Administration (MBA) programs.

Course Goals

  • Define and clarify the principal roles of the finance function and financial manager.
  • Understand the purpose of the four primary financial statements.
  • Look at the financial data provided for both profit and nonprofit financial statements to become aware of the reasons for the similarities/differences.
  • Differentiate between accrual and cash accounting and explain the effect on cash.
  • Define and explain cash forecasting.
  • Calculate and apply key financial ratios in determining cash flow adequacy.
  • “Heard on the Street” – discuss current economic events affecting finance.

Texts and Materials

Required Text:

  • Finance (Foundations of financial institutions and management)


  • Ronald W. Melicher and Edgar A. Norton with Laura Town


  • Wiley Pathways Text – ISBN 978-0-470-00720-4