(Winter Term Course, 4 credits)

Steve Schein

Steve Schein

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Course Overview

The course allows students to examine numerous case studies in corporate and institutional sustainability from various perspectives including alternative transportation, waste reduction, renewable energy, green building, corporate social responsibility, fair trade, localization, community finance, and other emerging sustainable business practices. Organizations studied will include both large public multi-national corporations as well as local/regional private companies. Each student will be responsible for researching and presenting an in-depth case study of an existing corporation using the tools developed in class.

Course Objectives

  • Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the sustainable leadership and current practices in the corporate sector
  • Students will obtain a detailed understanding of the various corporate reporting frameworks and certifications being used in the corporate sector
  • Students will obtain a strong foundation in the history of corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Students will build a comprehensive vocabulary of key sustainability terms, concepts, principles, and frameworks such as Triple Bottom Line, The Three E's, etc.
  • Students will develop decision-making skills through the lens of sustainability. Students will use analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems and make sound decisions through the lens of sustainable leadership and practices.


Required Texts

Epstein, Marc J, Making Sustainabilty Work (2007), Berret Koehler
Richard Seeirini, The GORT Cloud (2008), Chelsea Green Publishers