(Spring Term Course, 4 credits)

Steve Schein

Steve Schein

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Course Overview

This course allows students to explore their roles as organizational leaders from various perspectives on sustainability including alternative transportation, waste reduction, renewable energy, green building, corporate social responsibility, fair trade, localization, community finance, and other emerging sustainable business practices. The course familiarizes students with important concepts, principles, and frameworks relating to the sustainability movement including natural capitalism, triple-bottom-line, and the three E's of sustainability: Economy, Environment, and Equity.

Course Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the far reaching implications of sustainable leadership and practices for their organizations, local community, and the planet.
  • Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of key sustainability terms, concepts, principles, and frameworks such as Triple Bottom Line, The Three E's, etc.
  • Students will develop new critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems and make sound decisions through the lens of sustainable leadership and practices
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of the many future career opportunities in the green economy.

The course features an applied focus with emphasis on each student's specific organizational context and future leadership aspirations.

Required Texts

Edwards, Andres R., The Sustainability Revolution - Portrait of a Paradigm Shift, (2005), New Society Publishers - BC, Canada

Hawken, P., Lovins, A., Lovins, Hunter, Natural Capitalism - Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, (1999), Little, Brown, and Company - New York

Henderson, Hazel, Ethical Markets - Creating the Green Economy, (2006) Chelsea Green Publishing Company, White River Junction, Vermont