Be ready for limitless opportunities.  Achieve business knowledge from our hands-on interactive, competitive business program.  Gain applicable skills in all types of business practices through critical analysis and experience.  Be confident in your future success.  The tools we offer will fire the drive you have to succeed.

A degree in Business develops you into a open-minded, responsible citizen with skills to  carry you throughout your career.  You can travel the world, start your own successful business, and inspire those around you.  In this program, you will practice interpersonal skills, professional judgement, and time management in addition to mastering many tangible skills involving software programs, finance, marketing, and accounting, just to name a few.  In short, the Business degree teaches you to become a leader in any industry.  Our graduates are enjoying very successful careers all around the Rogue Valley and the world.  Our slogan “We make millionaires” isn’t just a joke.

So, what makes us different than all the other universities out there?  We pride ourselves on five basic strengths:

1.       Small class sizes.  The average class size in the School of Business is 26.  This means you get to know your professors, and they get to know you.  When it comes time to graduate, professors can be a huge support in the way of posting job opportunities, writing letters of recommendation, and helping you network in a professional community.   You won’t find that at a large school.  You also build friendships with your classmates that can last a lifetime.  You aren’t stuck in a class where no one knows you.

2.      Community involvement.  When you’re a senior, you are required to participate in a community learning activity:  an internship or business research.  We realize that one of the keys to a great experience is putting your education into action.  The internship allows you to practice your skills in a low-risk business environment.   It can also lead to a full-time job after graduation.  The business research project allows you to work with a real company on a real problem.  Both opportunities get you out into the community and networking with other business professionals.

3.      Experienced faculty.  All our professors have some business experience before teaching.  That means they aren’t just teaching from a textbook.  They can provide real world examples to demonstrate course concepts.

4.      International exchange.  There are many opportunities for you to study abroad ranging from three weeks to three terms. International exchange helps you see there are multiple ways of viewing the world.  By studying with people from other cultures, you can learn new ways of solving problems and communicating.  

5.      Certificate or Minor.  Every business student is required to complete a minor, a certificate program, or study abroad for one year.  The certificate and the minor allow you to specialize in another area that may jump start your career and open even more doors of opportunity.  .

On top of all that, the School of Business is ACBSP accredited, which is an additional national accreditation just for business programs, and we are rated as No 25 by US News and World Report for Top Public Schools and No. 20 on Get Educated’s list of Best Buys.  Stand out from the crowd with a degree in Business at Southern Oregon University.   

Program Preparation

The perfect candidates are students with drive and desire to develop business skills and knowledge . Students prepared to develop critical thinking skills, analytical skills, mindful innovative thought and ethical environmental awareness are perfect candidates for the SOU Business Administration Program.

Degree Roadmap

Business students working toward a BA/BS degree will be instructed in the necessary foundations of Business Administration. Students will be thoroughly prepared for a career in  business through real world experiences, an interactive class environment, one-on-one comprehensive professional instruction and supple guidance.


The Capstone project applies the skills and knowledge gained during the student’s entire experience in the School of Business.  Students write a business plan encompassing all aspects of business from management to marketing to financials.  The project is designed collaboratively by the student and the student’s instructor.  Every student ends up with an understanding of all aspects of business no matter their major concentration. 

Choice of concentration options:  (2017-18 catalog)