Campus Choice

Campus Choice is Southern Oregon University’s system of addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

Through Campus Choice you can access Confidential Advisors who are able to explain all of your options as well as guide and accompany you through any process in which you choose to take part.

Confidential Advising is available to all people associated with Southern Oregon University. Confidential Advisors are available to take reports, provide information, and coordinate care among different entities for the survivor. Confidential Advisors can accompany survivors through any process including the University administrative process as well as the criminal justice process with law enforcement. Speaking with a Confidential Advisor does not constitute making a Formal Report unless the survivor chooses that option.

Reporting Options
There are three reporting options at Southern Oregon University: an Anonymous Report, a Confidential Report and a Formal Report. Southern Oregon University's Sexual Misconduct and Equal Opportunity Report Form offers both anonymous and confidential reporting. Anyone can also make a report to local law enforcement by calling 911 or visiting the

Response Review
Southern Oregon University has a multi-disciplinary body that gathers monthly to review the campus response to Title IX related reports. This group is comprised of Title IX officers, Confidential Advisors, community partners, and representatives from University Housing and Campus Public Safety. This entity looks at overall campus community safety, trends in reporting, and most importantly reviews how we as a team responded to each individual report, the outcome of the report, and how the system can be improved.

ViPRA Prevention and Education
ViPRA at Southern Oregon University meets regularly to head campus prevention and education efforts. ViPRA Prevention is able to respond to campus trends and issues discovered by ViPRA Response in a timely and educational way. This allows our campus to respond to issues that are currently affecting our campus and enables us to get information and preventative care to our students quickly.