The Career Fair provides an opportunity to meet representatives who want to talk to you about their internship, employment, and graduate school opportunities. Use your time to gather information on career options, develop a network of contacts, identify opening,s or secure an interview.

Use these tips to network at the fair.

  • Dress professionally: Employers will make decisions based on first impressions.
  • Communicate your purpose: When looking for an internship or employment opportunity, state the type of position that interests you. If you are gathering information, tell employers you are exploring career options and are interested in learning about them.
  • Make a strong first impression: When meeting employers, introduce yourself, offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, state your purpose, ask questions, listen and act professionally.
  • Highlight your strengths: Be prepared to discuss your qualifications that are most related to the job. Include clear, concise examples to demonstrate your qualifications. Practice your verbal presentation (a 30 second “commercial” about you) so you can approach employers with confidence.
  • Bring your resume: Bring enough resumes to give to organizations you are targeting. Carry them in a portfolio. Omit the objective to expand your options.
  • Ask questions: Use questions to increase your knowledge of industry trends, job options and career paths. Try these questions:
    » What positions in (your career interest) are available in your organization?
    » What kind of background do you look for when filling these positions?
    » How do you see this field changing over the next five years?
    » What advice would you give me if I wanted to break into this field?
    » How did you get involved with this industry/organization? What keeps you involved?
  • Follow-up: Request a business card for your records. If you want a job interview, follow up with a thank-you note or e-mail within 24 hours.