Meet the CIS

Focused on optimizing student success, the CIS team is pleased to assist faculty in exploring new ways of connecting students with content and engaging them in the learning process. This brief video illustrates how we see our role in the SOU community.

What is SOU's Center for Instructional Support?

  • A department that helps support student success by supporting faculty
  • A source of leadership and innovation in instructional efforts
  • A place that helps make learning fun!

We practice the 3 C's:

  • Consultation
  • Collaboration
  • Community
We CONSULT on needs and look for solutions and approaches to meet those needs.
We COLLABORATE with faculty, staff and students to evaluate and test possible solutions.
And we work with the SOU COMMUNITY to help adopt new approaches to support student success.

We can help faculty:

  • build community in the classroom
  • design effective assignments
  • and engage learners.

How can we help you support student success? Let's work together and find out!

So buckle up! Let's try something new and have some fun, too.

SOU Center for Instructional Support
Hannon Library 321