Moodle 3.3 Coming SoonThe Moodle migration is complete!

We have upgraded to Moodle version 3.3 and moved to our new host, eThink. Our move to eThink will allow us to include new applications that promise to make our academic lives just a bit easier.

All of our current courses were downloaded from Moodlerooms and reestablished on eThink's servers. During this process, we upgraded to Moodle 3.3 and set up the new features that are highlighted in the Cool New Features in 3.3 book on the Moodle home page. We're off to the races for Winter term!

What's Different

Screenshot of marking managerOur move to eThink offers significant benefits, both in terms of pedagogical and course management tools. We'll be able to add more functionality quickly and control our upgrade processes significantly, freeing up the Moodle team to spend more time with faculty and students.

One of the few features that we have lost as a result of this move is the Moodlerooms Grader (better known as Joule Grader). The new "Marking Manager" (see the Basics Guide to 3.3 book on the Moodle home page), is a tool that approximates the Moodlerooms Grader in many ways, although it does not facilitate forum grading.

The move to eThink allows us to add new tools to help us do our work. Look for descriptions of these new features in the Basics Guide to 3.3 and Cool New Features in 3.3 books on Moodle's home page:

  • Update assignment and quiz due dates from one page.
  • Reduce scrolling with the "Collapsed topics" format.
  • Make grading easier with the Marking Manager block.
  • Set Completion Tracking settings for multiple items.
  • Show students who is in their groups.
  • Enable students to sign up for appointments—and assign points for attendance (great for oral exam or presentation sign-ups!).