cis planning title bannerThe CIS has undertaken a five-step planning process that will guide our work in supporting teaching and learning at SOU. Be sure to check out the proposed services, events, programs and projects detailed on the CIS Portfolio tab and complete the linked surveys to tell us what you think about these potential activities.


The Center for Instructional Support directly serves faculty. Our focus is on supporting faculty so that they can create the best possible learning experiences for our students. During Summer term 2014, the CIS staff began drafting a list of potential services, events, workshops, projects, and programs that would serve the Center’s mission and meet the faculty’s needs for support and development.   

This discussion list of potential CIS services was developed through a process of appreciative inquiry involving informal interviews with almost 90 faculty and staff, and structured interviews with Division Directors. In addition, we conducted a series of informal “index-card” surveys at Division retreats and at the Instructional Institute. We also reviewed the results of the technology surveys of faculty and students conducted by IT during Spring term 2014.

Next up in the planning process is a formal needs assessment to refine the discussion list, through:

  • Focus sessions with faculty and students
  • Semi-structured interviews with another 40 faculty and 20 students
  • An all-faculty survey
  • Consultation with student leadership, chairs and Division directors
  • Collection of feedback through this web site

Once the formal needs assessment has been completed, a portfolio of services, projects, programs, events and workshops will be proposed for final review beginning in early December.

Illustration of planning process step 1

CIS Planning Process

  1. Needs Assessment — Interviews & Surveys
  2. Design — Programs & Projects
  3. Delivery — Workshops & Services